I was commissioned by DK Books to produce over 600 3D illustrations for the Complete Bike Owners Manual released earlier this year. These included full page spreads of cutaway detail, step-by-step repair and installation instructions, cover art, chapter covers, full exploded views and various other instructional images. Please check out the real book and if you are interested in bike repair and maintenance pick up a copy. More info here https://www.dk.com/uk/9780241226155-the-complete-bike-owners-manual/

I built upon a bike model I had built a few years ago and made a complete model of a carbon road bike with all internals included in order to show the breakdown and repair of the various parts. I also had a second full model created by Gino Marcomini and Ronnie Olsthoorn as well as various parts and tools completed by Moises Guerra Armas. 

The main consultants were Claire Beaumont and Ben Spurrier, I also served as an additional technical consultant during the production process. The layout and design was carried out by the DK editorial team who were amazing during the entire process.
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