Hi Res studio lighting tutorial For Digital Tutors

This was a rendering for a studio lighting tutorial I did for Digital Tutors. The tutorial is for 3ds Max and Vray and also demonstrates the use of HDR light studio to do the lighting. No 3D lights were used. This was a model I had developed previously for a personal project. There was a lot of hours involved in the modeling as the intention was always to create a very accurate model for rendering at high resolution. Here is a preview for the course. http://vimeo.com/101108795

These are some of the images from the original project with it´s native Trek livery.  The production method was exactly the same and this was my first outing with HDR light Studio.  
The model was also produced in 3DS Max and I tried to replicate all the small details while keeping the mesh as clean and light as possible.  Most parts use NURMS subdivisions or turbosmooth set to 3 or 4. All the micro detail such as embossed logos and the bar tape and saddle was achieved with Vray displacement.
Some realtime rendering of the crankset
Realtime of the frame
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