I was very excited to be involved in the development of the marketing material for the new ANKI overdrive launch.  I was tasked with reinterpreting and building the car assets that were used in the launch trailer as well as producing all the 3D vehicle and track renderings used in the final key art and box art.  The trailer can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU_3AaTYXQM.  It was a real thrill seeing my models brought to life in the trailer. The final Key Art can be seen on ANKI's website at https://anki.com/en
UPDATE:  Realtime UK have just produced a launch trailer for ANKI Overdrive featuring my car models and it looks feakin awesome.  Check it out here  https://vimeo.com/141883193
Art for Packaging
These are the final renders I deliver to the retoucher for the key art and the packaging for the main product and also the additional expansion cars.  Also completed were the renders for the expansion track packs. Final art was 14,000 pixels wide and all elements were supplied to the client in PSD format with multiple passes for control in retouching.  All the rendering was done in 3DS Max using Vray and the lighting was almost entirely done using HDR Light Studio.
Update: Final two aftermarket car options. 
The main design challenge in this project was the reinterpretation of the toys for the key art and in particular the animated trailer.  The car models had to be true to the spirit of the toys but somewhat more realistic and dynamic in their proportions and detailing.  In order to achieve this I first faithfully reproduced the models by retopologizing the CAD data from the manufacturers files and then set about creating more realistic replicas.  This work was carried out in Modo.  Modo's powerful retopo workflow and falloff based manipulation tools made this an extremely interactive and creative process allowing me to easily trace the CAD and then very quickly block out the overall shape by stretching and moving parts of the model maintinaing the relationship between parts.  Things like lenghtening the wheel base while maintaining the roundness of the arches was a breeze.  Here are some in-production renders of the final car models.
Here are some grabs of the final models in Modo
Thanks for watching!
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